We really couldn't have done any of this without our sponsors. One skill FTC fosters is forming business relationships. None of us had ever done anything like this before and it was a very enlightening experience to learn how to write formal letters and to find ways to contact local businesses. Really, our sponsors are the reason we are able to spend our time building, coding, and creating robots, something we all love to do. Thank you so much sponsors!

                        AJA Video Systems, http://www.aja.com

sierracrm logo

Rotary Club of Nevada City, http://www.nevadacityrotary.org/


NV5, Inc.https://www.nv5.com/

The following are local professionals who donated their time, expertise, and equipment to help us design and build new hardware parts for our robot.

Gary Apple
Tyler Green

Our individual sponsors who gave us fund in the beginning and throughout the 2017-18 season.

Dan And Joanne Castles

Jeryn Bryne

John and Darlene Abt