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Excited For Qualifier

We are super excited for our qualifier coming up this weekend! Our new iteration of Roadrunner is coming along nicely.

Kellen has been working diligently on a new driving system that will allow more control for the robot and more traction. He has also been creating a acrylic shell to protect the robot.

Ryan has been working diligently on the autonomous code. As a result, the robot can now consistently knock over the kickstand regardless of its position.

Charlotte has been working on finalizing our engineering notebook and working on the website.

We cannot wait to compete in the next qualifier! We’re hoping that we’ll do well and advance to the NorCal state championship!

Intel Qualifier 2014

The team had a great first qualifier of the season, especially considering we are a rookie team. This was our first time ever participating. Not only was it incredibly fun but we learned a lot about our robot, its design and how to present our work to a group of judges.

In the qualifying rounds, our robot went 3-3, and we were ranked 6th out of the 11 teams at the event. This was great considering Kellen, our driver, didn’t have any driving experience prior to the event.

When it was time for alliance selection, we were chosen by team #8909 FLCS Falcons, another rookie team, (ranked 2nd after the qualifying rounds) to be part of their alliance! We then won both of our semi-final rounds together; however, we ended up losing both of the final rounds due to some penalties.

We also received the Judge’s Award in recognition of the uniqueness, dynamics, and performance of our team!

What a great first qualifier!