Gearing Up for the Santa Clara Qualifier

This week, ACME members are busy getting ready for the Santa Clara Qualifier.  Members have several collaborative and individual project to wrap up, as well as getting in some driver practice time.  

This week will mainly be focused on getting the robot ready and functional for competition.  In order for us to be in tip top condition for the qualifier we finished assembly a few days ago.  The hope is that this week will be dedicated to working out the kinks from driver practice and running the robot through autonomous.

Since it was one of our goals this year to build a robot that could complete all of the aspects of the game, we had to make some design alterations.  These alterations included rethinking the glyph intake, rebuilding the drive train, and making a new superstructure to accommodate these mechanisms.

The qualifier will also be different in term of size and the amount of activity happening at once.  Twice as many teams are signed up to go and there are going to be two matches going at once.  It is sure to be a fast paced day!  

We are super excited for this next tournament and can't wait for the day!  Look for the update on this tournament, it should be publish a few days after Saturday, January 13.  

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