Sponsorship Letters

This week, ACME Robotics was busy writing, stamping and sending out sponsorship letters to local business and individuals in Nevada County.

After writing up the letters on the computer, ACME members wrote the respective addresses on each envelope.  Our mentors kindly took the envelopes to the post office and they were sent out into the world! (Well, more like into the mailboxes of citizens and businesses in Grass Valley and Nevada City, but we like to remain optimistic)

Since ACME Robotics is not associated with any school, we have to raise all of our funds ourselves.  These sponsorship letters are a HUGE part of bringing in the money needed to to support ourselves.  Generous contributions from members in our community pays for robot parts, qualifier fees, and many other things needed to participate in FIRST.  Without our sponsors we would not be able to accomplish what we have so far in seasons past and present.

We would like to thank all of our sponsors for making robotics a possibility for us, we really appreciate your help.

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