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Roseville Qualifier

ACME attended our third qualifier this weekend.  Since we already qualified for Nor Cal Regionals this tournament was all about practice and gaining some experience.  The drive team was hoping to become more familiar with the controls and commands, the software team was anxious to see the results of auto and the scouting team was kept busy gathering data on the teams during the matches.

This was the robot we took to competition.  You can see the dump bed which dumps the Glyphs into the Crytobox (the blue thing with the columns).  On the side you can see the jewel arm, used to knock the jewel off of the jewel stand.  Below you can see our intake, made of two compliant wheels and two core hex motors to suck in the Glyphs.  

During the matches we had a lot of exciting rounds.  Besides a new design to test, it was Clara and Emma's first time drive coaching.  They were joined alternately by Kellen, Oren, Kelly and Shawn, all drivers.  The pit crew was Ben and Kelly, who stayed at the pit to answer Judge's questions and to hold down the fort.  John, Clara, Emma and Sean were this tournament's scouters and remained in the stands to collect info on the teams competing. 

 At tournaments, teams play five matches each before finding out if they have made it into the semi-finals.  As it turns out, we were the top team in the matches, meaning we got to pick our alliance partners first.  We chose team 5214, Tech Support.  They had an awesome robot that could fill a Cryptobox in under a minute and a half.  They were very supportive of our alliance and together we hold the fourth highest score in the world!

This was the first time ACME has ever won First Alliance.  We were over the moon when we won and couldn't have done it without our alliance partners.  Northern California Regionals are tentatively scheduled for the end of February.  We hope you will keep checking our website for more updates and please follow our Facebook page. 

GO ACME!!!! 

Santa Clara Qualifier

Last weekend, ACME attended our second qualifier in Santa Clara.  This tournament was all about gaining experience and challenging ourselves, but we gained much more than that. 

We started off the day by setting up our pit area.  This area is where other teams come to have a better understanding of our team, our robot's design, and get free Red Vines (courtesy of ACME Robotics).  We display a pit board that shows all of the team members, our Outreach events and our robot design.  We also made a pyramid of ACME bracelets that were also freebies (because why not?).  

Then we went into our judges interview, where we give a presentation of our robot and the judges ask us questions about it.  Our judges interview at this qualfier was one of the best we have ever had and are super proud of the way it went. 

After the judges presentation we have to go around and scout the other teams in the pits. We scout other teams so that we are on the lookout for them during the matches. If you make it to the top four teams, you need to know which alliance partners you want This qualifier's scouting team consisted of Emma, Kelly, Clara and Ben, and in the stands we had Emma, Clara, Sean and John. 

After opening ceremonies the matches started. We just so happened to be one of the first teams up. While our first match did not start out so good (as our phones could not connect to each other), the next few steadily got better. 

There continued to be problems throughout the day concerning the robot though - mostly due to connectivity problems. This outcome slightly dampened our positive moods, but non the less, we continued to try to overcome these trials.  A good sign was that after almost every one of our matches the judges would come talk to us about what went wrong during the match and what we were going to do to fix it. This was taken as a positive sign that we were in the running for an award. 

And as it turns out, we were!  Even though things seemed not to go our way that day our positive outlook and perseverance came through. We were given the Inspire Award!!!!!!!!

This award grants you a ticket to the Northern California Regionals, the next step in advancing towards Worlds. We were so happy to have been given this award and are so grateful to the judges who recognized us. 

The Nor Cal Regionals will be held at the end of February in Union City.  Look for our upcoming post about the Roseville Qualfier two weeks from now.  Go ACME!

Gearing Up for the Santa Clara Qualifier

This week, ACME members are busy getting ready for the Santa Clara Qualifier.  Members have several collaborative and individual project to wrap up, as well as getting in some driver practice time.  

This week will mainly be focused on getting the robot ready and functional for competition.  In order for us to be in tip top condition for the qualifier we finished assembly a few days ago.  The hope is that this week will be dedicated to working out the kinks from driver practice and running the robot through autonomous.

Since it was one of our goals this year to build a robot that could complete all of the aspects of the game, we had to make some design alterations.  These alterations included rethinking the glyph intake, rebuilding the drive train, and making a new superstructure to accommodate these mechanisms.

The qualifier will also be different in term of size and the amount of activity happening at once.  Twice as many teams are signed up to go and there are going to be two matches going at once.  It is sure to be a fast paced day!  

We are super excited for this next tournament and can't wait for the day!  Look for the update on this tournament, it should be publish a few days after Saturday, January 13.  

Sponsorship Letters

This week, ACME Robotics was busy writing, stamping and sending out sponsorship letters to local business and individuals in Nevada County.

After writing up the letters on the computer, ACME members wrote the respective addresses on each envelope.  Our mentors kindly took the envelopes to the post office and they were sent out into the world! (Well, more like into the mailboxes of citizens and businesses in Grass Valley and Nevada City, but we like to remain optimistic)

Since ACME Robotics is not associated with any school, we have to raise all of our funds ourselves.  These sponsorship letters are a HUGE part of bringing in the money needed to to support ourselves.  Generous contributions from members in our community pays for robot parts, qualifier fees, and many other things needed to participate in FIRST.  Without our sponsors we would not be able to accomplish what we have so far in seasons past and present.

We would like to thank all of our sponsors for making robotics a possibility for us, we really appreciate your help.