Winning First Place Inspire Award

January 29th, was a very successful day for ACME Robotics! Our last and final qualifier of the season was at Intel in Folsom and we were yet to qualify for Northern California Regionals. We came into the tournament confident and ready to compete.

We started off the day by heading into judging, which seemed to go really well, even though we were stopped halfway through our presentation due to time restraints. Following judging, we went through field and robot inspection. There were a few unexpected issues with the robot that were found, but it was okay because they were easy fixes. After this, the Outreach team got busy scouting the other teams while the drive team were testing autonomous on the practice field. Everything looked like it was coming together. Our launcher was more accurate due to the fact that we revamped it since last tournament in Roseville. 

We were pleased when the judges come by our table in the pits to ask us additional questions. It was exciting because the Outreach team finally got some more time to explain everything the team has done this season to connect with the community. It was great to talk to the judges for a more in depth period of time. Soon enough, we were competing in qualifying rounds.

Our autonomous ended up working pretty well and our ball launching mechanism was significantly more accurate. We ended up winning four out of our five qualifying matches. At the end of qualifying, we were in second place!

Ivy Brott was our alliance captain.

At this point in the tournament, the scouting came into play. The Outreach team provided their input as to the best alliance choice and the team came to conclusion on the team that we were going to pick. I was sent up as the team captain to represent the team and pick another team to be our alliance partner. We ended up choosing SpaceBalls to be our alliance partner. After alliance selection we practiced with our alliance pick on the practice field. We worked well with our partners and continued on the finals.

Above is a picture of our team drivers with our partners! We performed very well and ended up barely losing in the final match. At that moment it looked as if we were going to go home and be done for this season. Awards came around and we won second and third in a different categories. The last and final award announced was the "Inspire Award" that went the team that embodied a model FIRST team. We ended up winning 1st Place Inspire Award for our exceptional performance and our outreach. By winning this award, we automatically qualified for Northern California Regional Championship! The team was beyond happy and couldn't believe that all the hard work behind the scenes had payed off finally. We were officially going to Regionals. 

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ACME Robotics team members and our mentors pose with the Inspire trophy!

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