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Robot Inspection

Roseville Qualifier 2017

On Saturday, January 21st, we headed to our second tournament of the season at Roseville High school. By this time in the season, we had an autonomous prepared. The autonomous we had prepared was seemingly very consistent, it pressed both beacons, and shot two balls into the center vortex. We were super excited to see how we would perform with our new and improved autonomous! At the beginning of the day we started out with judging. We went into judging with confidence and came out very happy with how we showed ourselves. Then, after judging, we went to field inspection and robot inspection. There appeared to be no problems with how our robot! Everything seemed to be going very well and our autonomous was projected to score 80 points per game. Our Outreach team came back to the team and went over and showed the team the capabilities of all the robots in the tournament. By this time in the morning, the qualifying rounds were just about starting. We came in strong. About two matches in, we found that our autonomous had a few flaws. Our button pusher wasn't long enough, so if our robot wasn't close enough to the wall, we weren't able to push the beacons. When it came time to choose alliance partners, we were chosen but the number fourth ranked team. We made ended up losing against the first ranked alliance. Even though we didn't perform amazing during our second qualifier, we learned so much and were ready to improve the robot for our next and final tournament. At the end when awards came around we won the Connect Award. Winning the award was such an honor because it showed how much our team strives to connect to the community and educate them on FIRST. Our second qualifier at Roseville High school definitely went better than the first qualifier, but there was much room for improvement. 

Alumni team member visit

Alumni team member Charlotte visits tournament on way back to college.

Above is a picture of a current team member and our only alumni member, Charlotte, who is now in college in New York. She came to support us at the qualifier while on her way to the airport on her way back to school! We loved having her there as support.

Team 8367 works out bugs at the practice field.

Above, there is a photo of the team at the practice field, working on running autonomous.