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First Qualifier of 2016-17 Season

On December 11, 2016 we went to our first qualifier of the season in Burlingame! Everyone was very excited and a little nervous to see how our robot would perform against other robots. At this point in the season our robot contained a button pusher and a launching mechanism. At the start of the morning, we headed into judging. It was nerve racking and it was key for us to show well in judging. We came out of judging feeling strong and excited for the whole day ahead of us. Next, we had to go to robot inspection and field inspection, which went very smoothly. Throughout the whole morning, the Outreach group from our team was busy scouting the other teams and finding out their robot's capabilities. The Outreach team always had to keep in mind gracious professionalism while they were out conversing with other team's because in the end, you want to appeal to the other teams. As the day went on, qualifying matches started. We came out strong, but then there appeared to be some unexpected road blocks. We blew out three gear boxes due to our design that was way too powerful. That was a major mechanical flaw that we faced throughout the qualifying rounds of the tournament. Our team did not perform very well due to our launching mechanism, but we did get many great ideas and learn from the experience. We found that our first qualifier was not what we expected, but we saw it as a learning experience to help us on our future endeavors later in the season. 

Burlingame Judges

Burlingame Judges

The picture above is of a few members of the team talking to the judges about Outreach. 

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