Code Debugging the Gender Gap Movie Screening

By Charlotte Coffin on Saturday, February 20, 2016

So it’s been quite awhile since we’ve posted, but in our defense we have been incredibly busy preparing for competitions and working on outreach.

A few weeks ago, we hosted a screening of the movie ‘Code: Debugging the Gender Gap’ at a local movie theater, the Del Oro. The movie is about stereotypes in computer science, and what can be done to combat this. It also focuses on the lack of Computer Science education in middle and High schools and how this contributes to many of the problems minorities face later in their careers.

This screening was incredibly successful and fun. We spent the weeks leading up to this, working hard to promote the movie through Facebook and hanging posters all around town!

All that promo payed off! We had a pretty good turn out, almost a full house. Before the movie, we played a short film about our team:

After the movie, our team got up in front of the theater and had a short question and answer session where we answered questions from the audience.

This whole event caught the attention of a local group called the Economic Resource Council who works to bring more technology to our small rural town. At their meeting the next night, they talked about our team and the movie, and the whole package became a catalyst in bringing more technology into schools.

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