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NorCal Championship 2015

We had a sensational Championship. During the preliminary rounds we did very well. We had some alliances that did not complement us very well and we lost some matches, however we did what we did best and got all three rolling goals onto the ramp.

In the semi-finals we were selected by one of the highly ranked teams. Because there were a whole bunch of teams there, each alliance was made up of 3 teams. We were allied with team 7391 and 5157. This alliance won the first match of the semi-finals and beat all of the other teams in our division. Thie meant that we went on to fight the other division.

In the finals, our alliance won the first match and lost the second due to a field error putting us at a tie. The last match of the day was intense, but our competitors won.

During the judging ceremony, we won the judges award yet again! We will regretfully not be continuing on the season, but its not over for us. We still plan to do outreach. We will be doing a demonstration at the Madelyn Helling Library sometime in April and we are thinking about doing demonstrations at schools.

We had a great season and we did awesome! The season isn’t over and we are super pumped for our future as a team!