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Elk Grove Qualifier 2015

The team had a great time at the Elk Grove qualifier!

The team started off the qualifying rounds strong with a win in our first match. However, this luck was short-lived; the team ended up losing the rest of the qualifying rounds (mostly due to penalties). After the rounds, we were ranked 14th.

Nevertheless, during alliance selection, the 2nd ranked team, team #8375 Vulcan Robotics, choose us to be a part of their alliance instead of the 1st ranked team. Thanks to them, we then had a shot at moving on to the NorCal regional championships!

After that, our alliance won each of our matches in the semifinals and the finals.

In addition to being part of the winning alliance, the team received the Judge’s Award. We’re really excited to move on to the NorCal championships! Go ACME!!

3D Printer

We received an EKOCYCLE Cube 3D printer free of cost as part of a grant sponsored by Coca-Cola and 3D Systems.

The printer uses recycled plastic for prints; it is very environment-friendly. The team is very excited to receive the printer because it allows us to make custom parts for our robot.

In order to get the printer, the team completed an online application that included the submission of a 300-word essay about how we would use the printer. We are very excited to see what we can make with this new tool!

Excited For Qualifier

We are super excited for our qualifier coming up this weekend! Our new iteration of Roadrunner is coming along nicely.

Kellen has been working diligently on a new driving system that will allow more control for the robot and more traction. He has also been creating a acrylic shell to protect the robot.

Ryan has been working diligently on the autonomous code. As a result, the robot can now consistently knock over the kickstand regardless of its position.

Charlotte has been working on finalizing our engineering notebook and working on the website.

We cannot wait to compete in the next qualifier! We’re hoping that we’ll do well and advance to the NorCal state championship!